Heating Repair Technicians in the Greater LA Area

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Heating services for San Fernando Valley residents

If your Furnace suddenly stops in the middle of the night or your heat pump fails in the middle of a holiday weekend, our service technicians can quickly and correctly identify the issue, 24 hours a day, and complete the minimum necessary repairs to get your home’s heating system back up and running. If more intensive repairs are needed or you decide to replace your system, we can arrange for that, too, but our first priority is to get you home temperature back under your control.

When a heating repair is more than just a repair

It’s estimated that up to 40% of all air that is circulated in the average LA-area home is lost in the duct system. When heated air leaks into your attic or under your house, suction is created in your home. Cool outside air is pulled through windows, doors, and walls to make up for the lost air leaking away. The air that is pulled in is not only cold, but also contains dust and allergens from outside or from the walls and attic. Repairs to ductwork with low airflow solve the problem of a leak along with the extra benefits that come with efficiency. Service Genius technicians can explain the repairs and provide:

  • Increased efficiency of your system
  • Lower energy bills
  • Improved health and safety via air quality and heating system component safety
  • Decreased risk of system breakdowns and emergency repairs in the future
  • Confidence for homeowners through a better understanding of their own home heating system

The repair team you can trust with your home

Service Genius wants you to feel completely comfortable with your decision to call our team for a service visit at you home. We perform extensive background checks, including drug and criminal checks, on all of our service technicians, and have a strict code of professional conduct to ensure you receive friendly service and your property is treated with respect and care at all times, even during a late-night Emergency Service call. Whether it’s a scheduled repair to stop a leaking duct or an emergency visit for a failing furnace, call Service Genius for heating repairs from a professional team.


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