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AC Maintenance

There’s no better insurance for your air conditioning’s performance than preventative maintenance. With proper AC maintenance in Los Angeles, CA, you’ll have an AC that operates at peak efficiency, is less likely to need repairs, and will last much longer than systems that don’t receive AC tune-ups. 

Homeowners who don’t take advantage of the opportunity to protect their AC investment often find their ACs break down right when they’re needed most.

When it’s time for your AC tune-up, choose the professionals at Service Genius. We’re proud to serve the Los Angeles, CA, community with quick and thorough AC tune-ups, so our customers can stay snug, satisfied, and secure, no matter what the weather is like outside! 

What Does Proper AC Maintenance Look Like?

You might already know your air conditioner needs maintenance. After all, it’s just like any other appliance or home equipment you have; it’s bound to need a tune-up here or there. 

But what happens during a maintenance visit? Many components make up your air conditioner’s cooling unit, and all of them should receive some amount of cleaning, inspecting, or testing by your HVAC technician.

During your visit, your technician will:

  • Check refrigerant levels
  • Test for any refrigerant leaks
  • Check on ducts for any leakage and seal them if needed
  • Check airflow through the evaporator coil
  • Inspect all electrical connections 
  • Verify the accuracy of your thermostat
  • Tighten and oil any moving parts 
  • Run a complete system test and make sure everything works properly

This list is a good jumping-off point regarding your air conditioner’s maintenance. 

By the time Service Genius is done with your AC maintenance check, you will have an excellent grasp of the condition of your AC. You’ll also have an air conditioner that’s in excellent condition! 

Our Service Genius technicians will go one step further and provide you with tailored services, going above and beyond to get the best possible results from your air conditioner. In addition to this list, we’re trained to check for issues that could damage or break your equipment.

Call (818) 301-3663 or contact us online to schedule comprehensive AC maintenance in Los Angeles, CA, or the surrounding areas today!

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How Often Should Your AC Be Serviced?

HVAC experts agree that AC maintenance is crucial for keeping your air conditioner working well. But how often should you make the call to a professional HVAC company? We recommend receiving service at least annually—and ideally, biannually—for the best results. 

It’s also good to get the services done in spring to be confident your equipment will hold up against the Los Angeles, CA, summer heat and humidity. If you’re going for optimal performance, schedule AC maintenance in the fall to prevent any wear and tear during the summer months from turning into problems later.

What Happens to an AC Without Preventative Maintenance?

If you’re considering skipping out on AC maintenance to save some money, you could be setting yourself up for significant problems in the future. Here are some of the problems our HVAC technicians find in units that aren’t properly maintained.

System Malfunctions

Some air conditioners suffer from problems with efficiency or lack of cool air. And then there’s the worst-case scenario: a system breakdown. This can happen when you ignore your HVAC’s health. 

A broken air conditioner is something no Los Angeles, CA, homeowner should ever have to deal with. Prevent the preventable with a call to our HVAC technicians for your annual HVAC tune-up.

Avoidable Repairs

Air conditioning problems aren’t always apparent to homeowners, and problems with parts can lurk beneath the surface. These issues can often be diagnosed and handled before they become emergencies with an AC tune-up. 

Without a maintenance visit, these small issues often become major repairs, which could be expensive, frustrating, and unfortunately, entirely avoidable.

Higher Energy Bills

A worn-down air conditioner will have to work harder to keep your home cool than a well-maintained one. And the harder your equipment works, the higher your utility bills soar. 

Something as simple as routine maintenance could make or break your monthly energy bill and save you money on unexpected repairs. 

With a tune-up from Service Genius, you’ll be able to keep your cooling costs at an all-time low without having to push your equipment to the brink.

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