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Heat Pump Repair in Los Angeles

Signs You Need Professional Help with Your Heat Pump

If your heat pump at home fits any of the following categories, it’s time to call the professionals. We can complete most repairs in a single-visit, or even in an emergency, and we’ll also help you decide if replacing your heat pump is actually the better option.

  • Loud noises: Any heat pump that is distractingly loud probably needs a professional inspection and repair. Don’t assume that unusual or loud noises are simply annoying or merely a temporary inconvenience. Strange sounds like rattling, groaning, or other mechanical sounds are cause for concern that real damage may be occurring every day that the sound continues. Have an HVAC technician from Service Genius inspect it right away.
  • Increasing electricity bills: If you’ve been watching your electricity bills creep up month after month but you aren’t sure why or haven’t changed your usage habits, an inefficient or problematic heat pump may be to blame. Even if it’s not the culprit, Southern California utility prices are continuing to rise, so making sure your heat pump is efficient or considering a new one may be the best way to rein in your energy bills.
  • Short cycles (clicking on and off): A heat pump should not switch on and off constantly or shut off before reaching the desired temperature. If this is occurring in your home, the shortened heat pump cycling may be caused by a buildup of dirt or debris that prevents air from flowing through the system and thus reduces the heat pump’s efficiency. Sometimes the issue is electronic, and a malfunctioning thermostat is to blame. Either way, Service Genius can fix the issue in a single visit.
  • Low heating power: If your home’s heat pump generates strong airflow but the air isn’t warm enough, the thermostat may be on the wrong setting or malfunctioning, or the problem is with the reversing valve that switches between warm and cool air. Sometimes, reduced heat can also stem from an issue with the compressor or a refrigerant leak, so contact our team or an accurate diagnosis.

Service Genius provides HVAC help to all residents of the greater Los Angeles area, not just Northern Los Angeles area. Schedule your service appointment by calling (818) 301-3663  or completing our easy online form.

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Providing Expert Heat Pump Diagnosis & Repair for Residents of the Greater Los Angeles Area

As a team with years of experience and ongoing training, Service Genius can help you with a wide variety of issues that go beyond fixing the symptoms of your heat pump problem that may actually be caused by something else entirely.

An inefficient system doesn’t always need to be replaced, for example. Perhaps there’s a leak in the duct system channeling the warm air away and nothing is wrong with the heat pump itself. Our team has the expertise to evaluate your entire HVAC system and make a holistic recommendation that is as cost-efficient and convenient as possible.

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