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Air duct repairs

There are several potential “weak links” in your A/C system that require professional help. The first one is the ductwork. Your air ducts are one of the most important systems in your home, and if the ducts are poorly sealed or insulated they are likely contributing to higher energy bills. Ducts that leak heated or cooled air into unheated spaces can add hundreds of dollars a year to your heating and cooling bills (Energy.gov).

Unfortunately, you can’t see the ducts behind your walls and ceiling. That’s where we come in. The average duct system in Southern California homes leaks up to 30% of its air, and Service Genius is here to check your system and stop the leaks.

Return air

Return air is critical to the function of your system. There are two factors affecting your home’s return air that might require repair or adjustment:

  • Improperly sized return air ducts will result in low airflow. Low airflow severely affects both the efficiency and lifespan of your system.
  • Leaking return air ducts or grilles will suck in dust and dirt from your attic. This dust and dirt will make its way into your home where you and your family will breathe it.

Regular service visits will help our team spot and repair problems as they occur.

Supply air

Are some rooms in your home too hot or cold? If so, your duct system may not be delivering the required heating or cooling to those rooms. Supply air is the part of your air conditioning and heating system that “blows” the air into your rooms. It is a network of plenums, ducts and wyes. A properly sized and functioning supply air system is critical to your system’s efficient and safe operation. Poorly designed duct systems will cause low airflow in your system and may decrease its life.

Leaks in the supply-side of your system will cause your home to develop a suction effect, which will pull hot or cold air in from your attic or outside and counter all the money you spend to run your HVAC system!

Los Angeles’ Leaders in A/C Repair

Have you noticed unexplained increases in your air conditioning or heating bills? It could be due to damage in your A/C ductwork. These ducts are a crucial component of your home’s A/C system, and if they are poorly sealed or insulated, they can end up wasting precious energy and money on heating or cooling spaces that do not need either. When you need these systems checked or when A/C air duct repairs are needed, turn to Service Genius.

Quick Fixes for Every Part of Your A/C System

Your Air Ducts are your home’s circulation, and there are many problems that can occur at every stage of this system. Whether it’s the supply air being blown into your room, or the return air being sucked back to the furnace, there are two major factors that can cause sub-optimal air flow problems.

  • Leaks in your ductwork can create unwanted suction effects in your A/C system. If they occur on the supply air side of the system, it can pull hot and cold air from the outside of your home, or even your attic, counteracting the temperature regulating effects of your HVAC system. If they occur on the return air side, it can suck in dust and dirt from your attic, making your home’s air unsafe to breathe.
  • Improperly sized air ducts can cause severe problems, regardless of which part of the system they are impacting. Properly sized piping is vital to ensuring a safe and efficient system. In contrast, a poorly designed system can prevent your home from correctly distributing and supplying air, leading to rooms that are too hot or cold. It can also reduce your system’s airflow and its overall lifespan.

Bring Your A/C to Peak Performance with Our Services

Our company is proud to provide the air duct repairs that Los Angles deserves. Our team of skilled, experienced professionals can provide 24/7 emergency services. They can also make regular service visits, allowing them to spot and repair issues in your duct system as they occur. To obtain a healthy, stronger duct system, simply fill out the form below, or call us at (818) 301-3663.

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