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Beating a California Heat Wave When Your A/C Is Broken

Los Angeles may be known for its stunning weather, but sometimes the summer heat can be overwhelming. When you come home from a hot day at the gym or beach, all you want to do is kick back and relax in the cool air.

Unfortunately, air conditioners can break down without warning. If you have a defunct A/C on your hands and your body temperature is on the rise, try these A/C alternatives.

Black Out Light

Sunlight warms your home significantly, so the cheapest way to keep it cool is simply shutting your blinds, shades or curtains. Blackout products with white backings work especially well, as they reflect the sun.

Lightbulbs can also radiate heat, so either turn them off or buy energy-efficient bulbs.

Use Water & Ice

Chilled water and ice can cool the body down naturally and affordably. Staying hydrated and opting for cold water, smoothies, popsicles and other chilled foods can lower your core body temperature. Spicy foods will cause you to sweat, making it easier for heat to evaporate from the surface of your skin.

Another way to cool yourself down is to apply cold water or ice externally. You can take a chilly shower, submerge your feet in cold water, freeze a hot water bottle and use it as an ice pack or apply chilled towels to pulse points on the body, like your:

  • Neck
  • Wrists
  • Temples
  • Elbow creases
  • Backs of knees
  • Insides of ankles
  • Tops of feet
  • Inner thighs

Work With Wind

Assuming you don’t want to buy a window or portable A/C unit, fans are the next best line of defense against heat. By situating them near a window with the blades facing outward, you can siphon the warm air right out of your house, expel it outside and create a cross-breeze. You can also set a pan of ice in front of a fan to blow cooler air throughout your home.
Ceiling fans can be just as helpful as box fans if the blades are rotating counterclockwise. This creates a pleasant downdraft that will make your skin feel up to 4 degrees cooler. Check your fan for a switch to change the direction of the blades.

If you don’t have a fan, harness the natural powers of wind and water by placing a damp sheet over an open window. As the breeze rolls in, the water will cool it, chilling your room.

Sleep Smarter

While most people can handle feeling sticky during the day, falling asleep in a warm house can be nearly impossible. Use these tips to fall and stay asleep without waking up in a puddle of sweat.


Ditch your covers and choose sheets made of breathable fabric, such as cotton, linen or percale, so you aren’t trapping heat under the covers. You can pop sheets in the fridge or freezer in a sealed plastic bag until bedtime for some extra comfort as you fall asleep. Or, you can try sleeping under a damp top sheet and on top of a dry towel using the “Egyptian method” – think of it like a cold compress cocoon.

Better yet, eschew traditional bedding altogether for a straw or bamboo sleeping mat that won’t retain your body heat or choose a cot or hammock over a mattress so air can circulate around your body all night.


You can only flip your pillow so many times before there is no cool side. Try investing in a buckwheat or high-tech cooling pillow instead.


Heat rises, so the easiest way to stay cool is moving down a couple floors. Sleep in the basement – or on the ground floor if you don’t have one – for a few hours of respite.

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