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HVAC Tips for Allergy Season

Tips to Reduce Indoor Allergies

Like spring and summer, fall is a prime time for allergy sufferers who experience increased allergy symptoms after summer ends. Outdoor allergens like pollen and dust can make their way inside your home and trigger allergies for your entire family.

In the fall, flowers and trees still produce pollen that triggers allergies. Some of the symptoms of allergies can include:

  • Sore throat

  • Nasal congestion

  • Itchy eyes, ears, and throat

  • Sneezing

  • Watery eyes

  • Nasal drainage

  • Ear congestion

  • Headaches

In southern California, many homeowners suffer from asthma and their allergies are triggered by the ebb and flow as the seasons and climate change. However, your HVAC system can be used as a tool to remove indoor allergens from your home so that your family can remain in a safe and healthy environment.

Ways to Reduce Indoor Allergies with Your HVAC System

Clean and Change Air Filters

Your home should always have a filter installed to help filter the air coming in from your HVAC system. Filters are your first line of defense when it comes to fighting off allergens and debris that can leak into your air and cause indoor air quality problems.


Filters are measured by their level of particle filtration, also called MERVs, and the highest level of filtration is a 20 rating. When replacing filters, you should select one that has a MERV rating of at least 8 so that your filter can trap small particles. Your filters should be replaced monthly, or at least every three months if you can’t replace the filter once a month.

Dust Vents

If your parents or grandparents ever urged you to dust the vents in your home, they were right. Buildup from dust can trigger allergies, or even worse — you may get dust mites that trigger your allergies. Dust mites are one of the most common indoor allergens, so dusting your home often and focusing on your vents can offer you a bit of relief.

Clean Air Ducts

Keep your air ducts clean for a breath of fresh air and an allergy-free environment. Ducts accumulate all kinds of things that can pollute your air like dust, pet dander, hair, insects, debris, and more. The best way to ensure your air ducts are thoroughly cleaned is by hiring a professional HVAC company with licensed professionals to clean them.


If your ducts have deeper problems that go beyond cleaning, you should opt for a professional duct repair service to fix your ducts.

Install Humidifiers

During dryer seasons like fall and winter, dry air can also trigger allergens. If the air inside your home is dryer, you may experience higher levels of allergens than if you had a humidifier to keep the moisture in your air balanced.


A whole-house humidifier is a great investment, especially in southern California where the air tends to be on the dry side. The humidifier will help alleviate symptoms stemming from allergens in the air and provide relief for your family.

Get Regular HVAC Maintenance

It’s easy to forget that your home’s HVAC system needs regular maintenance in order to not only function properly but also keep allergens at bay. An experienced HVAC technician, like ours at Service Genius, will clean and repair your ductwork, regularly inspect your ducts and vents, repair and maintain your HVAC unit, and more.

More Tips to Fight Allergies

If your allergies are easily triggered, you can try these additional solutions to reduce allergens in your home:

  • Vacuum, sweep and mop your floors regularly.

  • Keep your doors and windows closed.

  • Purchase an allergy-blocking pillowcase.

  • Keep pets off of bedding and other furniture where hair sticks.

  • Clean hard surfaces regularly.

Don’t let indoor allergens take over your home! With the help of Service Genius, your home can be allergy-free. We can provide solutions to reduce indoor allergens and improve your indoor air quality. Give us a call at (818) 938-2065 today for more information and to schedule an appointment!