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When was the last time you inspected your HVAC unit or scheduled an HVAC maintenance appointment? If you can’t remember, chances are your unit is in need of regular maintenance. 

AC maintenance may not be at the forefront of your mind, but it is critical to ensure that your unit is running properly. Moreover, it will save you significantly on repairs down the road. You can prevent many AC breakdowns with proper maintenance. Don’t wait for a breakdown; take action to service your AC system right away.

What Is HVAC Maintenance?

You can think of HVAC maintenance like you think of changing the oil in your car. Your car goes through a lot of wear and tear, so you take it to the mechanic for an oil change and tune-up to make sure it is running smoothly. The same principle applies to your HVAC system.

While your heating and air system is designed to last over a decade, that doesn’t mean that it won’t eventually need repair or that it is always running efficiently. With the hot Los Angeles, CA, summers, homeowners put their AC systems through a lot, so repairs are an expected part of homeownership.

AC maintenance includes routine cleaning, inspecting, and testing. The more thorough the maintenance, the less likely it is that you’ll be stuck with costly HVAC repair bills down the road.

Monthly HVAC Maintenance Tips

You probably already have a monthly chore list to keep your home clean and safe. A good thing to add to it is simple AC maintenance. 

Follow these monthly tips to keep your system running smoothly. But remember, for any serious cleaning or repair issues, you’ll want to call a professional who specializes in AC services.

1. Clean Your Ductwork

Your AC system relies on clean, reliable ductwork to transport cool air throughout your home. A critical part of AC maintenance includes cleaning your ducts. 

Los Angeles, CA, is home to plenty of pollen, allergens, and dust. With so much air flowing through your ductwork, it is not uncommon for this debris to build up. If left alone, this buildup can become a problem. 

Not only does excess buildup negatively impact your indoor air quality, but it can also cause your AC system to work harder than it needs to.

In addition to monthly checks, the best thing you can do for your ducts is scheduling a regular cleaning. A professional duct cleaning includes a thorough inspection as well as a complete scrub, so you can rest assured that your ducts are in good condition.

2. Change Your Filter

The filter in your AC unit plays a critical role in ensuring that you have clean air to breathe in. Filters trap unwanted particles like mold, allergens, and dust. However, filters are not meant to last forever, and you should make a habit of checking yours and changing it.

Some homeowners can go three months or longer without changing their filter, while others need to change it every month. Factors like the number of people in your household and whether you have pets will impact how frequently you need to change your filter.

3. Clean Your Condenser & Evaporator Coils

If you aren’t familiar with the inner workings of AC systems, you may not be familiar with the various coils that make the system work. The evaporator coil uses refrigerant to remove heat from the air, while the condenser coil takes the heat and releases it outside. 

These coils are constantly working to cool air, trap heat, and move the hot and cool air to their respective places. Over time, they can get dirty and even develop mold. If your condenser coils get clogged, they can even stop working altogether.

You can check your coils monthly, but it is a good idea to call a professional if you notice they are dirty or if something just doesn’t look right. A professional condenser & evaporator coil cleaning is the best way to ensure that your coils are cleaned properly and remain in good condition.

4. Clear Debris

Since your HVAC unit is stored outside, it experiences a lot of exposure to the elements. Even though Los Angeles, CA, weather is normally mild, even occasional storms or gusts of wind can move a lot of debris around that can get stuck in your HVAC unit.

Leaves, branches, dirt, and plants should be at least a couple of feet away from your system. If excess debris gets sucked into the system, it can have a significant impact on your HVAC’s daily operation.

5. Test Your AC

Many Los Angeles, CA, homeowners turn off their AC units for the winter and leave them off until the first hot summer day. While there’s nothing wrong with this approach, it is a safer idea to periodically test your AC before the hot days of summer.

Make a point to test your AC once a month to make sure it is working properly. If you notice that something isn’t right, you’ll have time to plan for repairs before the height of the summer season.

6. Check the Thermostat Battery

The thermostat is the brain of your AC system. If the thermostat is not working properly, neither will your HVAC. Many modern thermostats are battery-powered. Although these batteries can last up to two years, you’ll still have to end up replacing them at some point.

Don’t wait for a hot summer day to realize your thermostat’s batteries are running low; check the battery level on a regular basis and be prepared with backups.

Schedule an AC Maintenance Appointment

While these monthly tips can help ensure that your AC system is running when you need it, they are no replacement for a professional AC maintenance visit. 

During a maintenance visit, an HVAC professional will do a thorough examination of your entire unit. They’ll make any necessary adjustments and uncover any underlying issues that may need to be repaired.

Homeowner AC maintenance is critical, but most homeowners won’t be able to spot the signs of trouble that an expert is trained to look for. 

While scheduling a maintenance visit may not seem necessary if your system seems to be working, it is one of the best investments you can make in your HVAC system. Regular HVAC maintenance is recommended by virtually all AC manufacturers, and it is even required by some to maintain warranties.

Professional HVAC maintenance can save you money on future repair bills, and it can also help with your home’s energy efficiency. A regular tune-up can help your system run smoothly, meaning it will consume less energy, ultimately saving you money on your energy bills.


Another fair warning, and this is about your water heater. Ensuring the integrity of your water heater is paramount, and inspecting it for leaks is a vital step in this process. Leaks in a water heater can signal potential issues that, if left unaddressed, could lead to costly repairs or even a complete system breakdown. Regularly examining your water heater for leaks is like giving it a health check – a proactive measure that can prevent disaster down the road. Not only can leaks indicate problems with the tank or connections, but they can also lead to water damage in your home, impacting both structural integrity and your peace of mind. So, when you take a moment to inspect your water heater for leaks, you’re not just avoiding potential headaches – you’re safeguarding your home’s comfort and security. 

Service Genius HVAC Maintenance 

When you are in need of heating and cooling services, trust the experts at Service Genius. We provide high-quality, reliable solutions and use the latest tools to ensure your HVAC system gets exactly what it needs. 

Our licensed technicians provide the most thorough HVAC maintenance around. We complete a comprehensive examination of your entire system, both inside and outside. If we uncover anything that’s off, we’ll make the necessary adjustments and repairs. 

We’ll also leave your coils, vents, and outdoor components clean and free of debris. When you choose to work with us, rest assured your AC system will keep you cool all summer long. 

With same-day appointments, online scheduling, membership savings, and no-cost second opinions, you won’t find a more qualified and convenient option for AC maintenance in Los Angeles, CA. Give us a call today!